Is Astronomy a Waste of Money?


This Month on the Creation Astronomy Now Podcast, Vinnie and Joe discuss their recent mission trip to South Dakota, updating the Creation Astronomy Now website, and whether or not Astronomy is a waste of time and money. Later they’re joined by David Rives from David Rives Ministries to discuss astronomy (what else?) and the new Creation Network. Download Podcast Episode (.mp3) Enjoy the Creation Astronomy Now podcast? Be sure to Subscribe on iTunes! Podcast Notes … Read more

Pluto gets a photo-shoot! – Episode #3


Pluto gets a Photo-Shoot We announce the change from a weekly to monthly podcast, Kepler finds a new exoplanet, SETI gets a raise, Pictures of Pluto change the world, and we’re going on an adventure next month! Got questions about Astronomy and the Bible you’d like answered on the podcast? Send them to us at! Download Podcast (.mp3) Links -Danny Faulkner’s Article: -Sky & Telescope: -The Planetary Society:

Witnessing to Atheists – Season 1 Episode 2


This week on the Creation Astronomy Now Podcast: Pictures of Pluto fail to change the world, We talk about witnessing to atheists, and we discuss our anticipation of the Genesis 3D Movie. Got questions you want answered on the podcast? Send them to us at! Download Podcast (.mp3)

Lunar Design


The moon is our nearest neighbor in space and currently the only object outside of earth that mankind has ever set foot on. Because of its relatively short distance from us, we probably know more about the moon than any other object in the universe. Today evolutionary scientists debate over how the moon formed. Their theories for the moon’s origin have ranged from a random space rock that was captured by Earth’s gravity, to part … Read more

Top 5 of the first 25 Episodes

top 5 episodes

We made it–it’s the 25th episode! In this episode we celebrate the milestone by going over our top 5 favorite episodes so far. Creation Astronomy Now Podcast Episode #25 The Creation Astronomy Now Podcast is a semi-monthly podcast from Creation Astronomy Now; an unregistered non-profit organization dedicated to spreading the truth of intelligent design in the universe, as well as giving creation astronomers a better alternative to the evolutionary astronomical News and updates proved by … Read more

Plants before Stars?

light thru trees

How could the plants have survived until the creation of the Sun? It’s a question that evolutionists have asked creationists for some time. At first this may seem like a good question and put us on the defensive. But what exactly is this question challenging? The issue is really only a problem when you start from a purely naturalistic perspective. In a world where nature is all there is, it would make sense that you’d … Read more

Uranus: A Unique Twist


All the planets in our solar system have their unique features. Some of the planets features are plainer like Mercury. Planets like Saturn and Jupiter have more interesting features and are popular telescope targets. While there is a lot of diversity among the planets, they all have one thing in common; they all have the same orbit direction and rotation except for Venus and Uranus. Uranus has the most unique rotation of all. Most of … Read more

It’s all about Perspective


The evidence of God’s handiwork is manifested in the world all around us. So why don’t atheists see the world the way we do? When we look at everything from the unimaginable size of the universe, the complexity of life, and even the very existence of matter itself shows that the secular scientists are indeed without excuse. And yet all the evidence that we give them for a designer, a young universe, or anything else … Read more

Evolution vs. God Review


From Vinnie Harned’s Blog Ray Comfort’s films have been an inspiration to me ever since I first saw ‘180’. As a young person with a burden for the lost, I was terrified to see that I couldn’t share my faith because I was unsure what to say to people. Watching Ray Comfort gave me the knowledge that I needed to understand sharing the gospel. If you’ve been in the creationist community for very long, you’ll … Read more

Has the ‘smoking gun’ of the ‘big bang’ been found?

By Dr. John G. Hartnett PhD

“Astronomers Just Detected the Beginning of the Big Bang”, “Big Bang’s Smoking Gun Found”, “Astronomers Discover First Direct Proof of the Big Bang Expansion” and “Major Discovery: ‘Smoking Gun’ for Universe’s Incredible Big Bang Expansion Found” were some of the headlines on Monday 17 March 2014 around the web-based news media. Read More>>