The Mystery of Star Formation

By Vinnie Harned

In this age of propaganda we live in today, many people are taught the big bang as unquestionable fact. Now I have nothing against teaching theories about how the universe formed, but when you teach historical science as if you know it to be truth, you have what I call brainwash. Also, many students are never taught that there are problems with the way the Big Bang claims that our universe formed. Big problems!

You see, the main question that the big bang supposedly answers is “Where did the universe come from?” What the scientists that came up with the Big Bang did was observe that the universe was expanding (which it is), and then assume that 6.3 Billion years ago it was a singularity that started expanding, but it stops at the singularity. The Big Bang fails to explain where the matter that formed the universe came from in the first place. What caused it to expand in such an orderly way? This has come to be known as the singularity problem, and Big Bang believing scientists don’t have the answer.

Although the Big Bang model is widely accepted and taught as a legitimate theory, it also fails to explain how the matter spontaneously collapsed to form the stars. According to the Big Bang theory, clouds of gas collapsed to form the billions of stars we see today. But the fact of the matter is that this doesn’t just happen all by itself. The clouds of gas would have to be pushed by some force like a shock-wave from an exploding star, which was formed when another star exploded which was formed from another star’s explosion.



Scientists claim that nebulae like this one are the birthplace of stars. The question is how did the first stars form? And why don’t we see star formation today?

Also, astronomers have never observed star formation. With the countless stars in the universe, we should easily witness news stars forming every second. And yet we’ve never seen any new stars form! According to the laws of logic, that should mean that they’re not forming.

Finally, the stars that formed had to somehow group together into the orderly galaxies we see today. Even some Big Bang teaching scientists acknowledge that there shouldn’t be galaxies in the universe. And even if there were, they shouldn’t be grouped in the orderly way we see them. The galaxies we see are as orderly as clocks, and yet according to the Big Bang theory, they formed randomly from clouds of gas.

Personally, I think the craziest thing about the Big Bang model, is that people still believe it. Atheists claim that I’m using too much faith in my scientific research, but I don’t think that we creationists are the only ones. The truth is that atheism is a religion. And just like Christianity, atheism requires blind faith.

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About Vinnie Harned

Vinnie Harned is an amateur astronomer, creation scientist, and the president of Creation Astronomy Now, an organization dedicated to giving God the glory for his incredible creation. He has always been into science, and first got started in the field of astronomy when he was 10 years old.
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