Sky Watch: Transit of Mercury & More (May 2016)

Introducing a new format for the Creation Astronomy Now Podcast: we’re dividing the parts of the Creation Astronomy Now podcast up into multiple episodes so you guys can get only what you want. Be sure to let us know what you think of this format in the comment section below.

This month on Creation Astronomy Now Skywatch, we’ve got a full calendar with a great meteor shower, a Blue Moon, and of course the transit of Mercury!
Sky Watch: Transit of Mercury & More (May 2016)

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About Creation Astronomy Now

Creation Astronomy Now™ is an unregistered nonprofit organization started in 2013 by Vinnie Harned and his younger brother Joe. Despite common practice among other similar organizations, Vinnie prefers not to call Creation Astronomy Now™ a ministry. Instead, we try to bring glory to God through our scientific discoveries and investigations.
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