What is Science? + Interview with Eric Hovind – September 2015

What is Science?

This Month on the Creation Astronomy Now podcast Vinnie & Joe discuss what Science is. They go over the astronomical events for the month of September including a total lunar eclipse on September 28th. Later they’re joined by Eric Hovind from Creation Today to discuss the Genesis 3D movie, the 4th season of the Creation Today show, and apologetics. After that we get a comment suggesting that Vinnie stop making videos about creation science. Is this the end of VinSense?

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About Creation Astronomy Now

Creation Astronomy Now™ is an unregistered nonprofit organization started in 2013 by Vinnie Harned and his younger brother Joe. Despite common practice among other similar organizations, Vinnie prefers not to call Creation Astronomy Now™ a ministry. Instead, we try to bring glory to God through our scientific discoveries and investigations.
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