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  1. I love this! I myself am into Creation Science and astronomy, will definitely be following the progress of this site.

  2. We at love your site and what you’re doing. Keep up the good work. All for God’s glory!

  3. Hi, thanks for making knowledge and resources available to support Bible-believers. The file “The Big Bang vs. Science” was a good introduction. I have only recently been studying astronomy; there is so much to learn. One question I had is: are ‘black holes’ real or rather, does anyone know they exist/don’t exist?

    • Thanks for the question. I’m glad you liked the ebook! Although black holes cannot be directly observed, there’s a lot of evidence for their existence. Some people think that black holes are just another idea thought up to salvage evolutionary theories. However, black holes really have nothing to do with evolution or the big bang. I recommend you check out Dr. Danny Faulkner’s DVD ‘Things that go Bump in the Night’ for more information. We talked about it a little in our interview with him.

  4. On the ‘About’ page, the first sentence under ‘Mission’ currently says “…News and updates proved by the world.” Should it say …News and updates PROVIDED by the world. ? And might you consider adding the word ‘secular’ just before ‘world’?
    Or possibly even ‘secular science establishment’ to get a bit more precise than ‘world’?

  5. Enjoy your material on astronomy

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