What You Aren’t Being Told About Astronomy, Volume I – Review

OCSS-frontRecently I got my hands on what could possibly be the most awesome Creation Astronomy Dvd that I’ve ever watched. ‘What you aren’t Being told about Astronomy is a Dvd series by Spike Psarris. The first volume in the series covers the solar system*.
Spke Psarris was previously an engineer in the United States’ military space program. He entered that program as an atheist and an evolutionist. He left it as a creationist and a Christian. This video shows some of what convinced him that creation was true.
Spike does a good job in the video of not only showing the obscurity of the evolutionary world view, but also shows the evidence for the Biblical account of creation. Spike also points out that although we can find a lot of evidence for creation, science can never completely prove historical events. Even so, we can still see the evidence of God in the universe around us.
After being guided through the entire solar system in the Dvd, I feel much more informed (yes that’s right, I don’t know everything), and now I can’t wait to get my hands onto volume 2!

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Running time: 110 minutes
Price: $15


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*It has been pointed out by some people who accidentally got to creationastronomynow.com instead of creationastronomy.com that there could be a third volume coming sometime in the future.

About Vinnie Harned

Vinnie Harned is an amateur astronomer, creation scientist, and the president of Creation Astronomy Now, an organization dedicated to giving God the glory for his incredible creation. He has always been into science, and first got started in the field of astronomy when he was 10 years old.
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