Is Astronomy a Waste of Money?


This Month on the Creation Astronomy Now Podcast, Vinnie and Joe discuss their recent mission trip to South Dakota, updating the Creation Astronomy Now website, and whether or not Astronomy is a waste of time and money. Later they’re joined by David Rives from David Rives Ministries to discuss astronomy (what else?) and the new Creation Network. Download Podcast Episode (.mp3) Enjoy the Creation Astronomy Now podcast? Be sure to Subscribe on iTunes! Podcast Notes … Read more

What is Science? + Interview with Eric Hovind – September 2015


What is Science? This Month on the Creation Astronomy Now podcast Vinnie & Joe discuss what Science is. They go over the astronomical events for the month of September including a total lunar eclipse on September 28th. Later they’re joined by Eric Hovind from Creation Today to discuss the Genesis 3D movie, the 4th season of the Creation Today show, and apologetics. After that we get a comment suggesting that Vinnie stop making videos about … Read more

Where’s your Credentials?


Ever since I started blogging back in 2009 there’s been two uncertainties constantly nagging at me. One is the fear of being wrong online (which we discussed on the first episode of the Homeschooled NerdCast) and the other is the feeling of incompetence because of my lack of experience and credentials. I can’t help but feel like every time someone watches one of my videos or reads an article I wrote they’re judging me. Like … Read more

Witnessing to Atheists – Season 1 Episode 2


This week on the Creation Astronomy Now Podcast: Pictures of Pluto fail to change the world, We talk about witnessing to atheists, and we discuss our anticipation of the Genesis 3D Movie. Got questions you want answered on the podcast? Send them to us at! Download Podcast (.mp3)

Getting Started in Astronomy – Season 1 Episode 1


This week on the Creation Astronomy Now Podcast: Vinnie and Joe discuss the podcast niche, Vinnie tells his story of how he got started in astronomy, and finally they give you some killer tips for getting started in astronomy. Got questions you’d like to have answered on the podcast? Send them to us at! Download Podcast (.mp3)

Video: Is Pokémon Evolutionary? (VinSense)

pokemon thumb

Wild atheist appeared! Go VinSense! What will VinSense do? Pokémon is one of the most popular video game franchises of all time. As usual with video games, there’s a lot of controversy surrounding some of the aspects of Pokémon. One such controversial issue is the evolutionary mechanic of Pokémon. After a closer look at Pokémon however, we can pretty much see that the “evolution” it portrays is nothing but growth… or is it? Either way … Read more

The Star of Bethlehem (Special Christmas Episode)

Stay tuned till the end to find out what Vinnie got for Christmas!
Vinnie and Joe discuss the Star of Bethlehem along with some other topics in this special Christmas episode of the CAN Podcast.

Creation Astronomy Now Podcast – Episode #29
The Creation Astronomy Now Podcast is a semi-monthly podcast from Creation Astronomy Now; an unregistered non-profit organization dedicated to spreading the truth of God’s design in the universe, as well as giving creation astronomers a better alternative to the evolutionary astronomical news and updates proved by the world. Outreach efforts include an up-to-date news website with observing updates, a semi-monthly astronomy podcast, and a weekly e-newsletter.

Lunar Design


The moon is our nearest neighbor in space and currently the only object outside of earth that mankind has ever set foot on. Because of its relatively short distance from us, we probably know more about the moon than any other object in the universe. Today evolutionary scientists debate over how the moon formed. Their theories for the moon’s origin have ranged from a random space rock that was captured by Earth’s gravity, to part … Read more

Video: Our Created Moon (Interview with Dr. Don DeYoung)

DeYoung Thumbnail

In this episode of the Creation Astronomy Now Podcast, Vinnie & Joe interview Dr. Don B. DeYoung to talk about the moon. Topics covered include the purpose of the moon, evidence of a young moon, and the science behind lunar eclipses. Dr. Donald B. DeYoung is an avid creation scientist and educator specializing in astronomy and physics. He chairs the Department of Science and Mathematics at Grace College in Winona Lake, Indiana. Don has taught … Read more