Where’s your Credentials?


Ever since I started blogging back in 2009 there’s been two uncertainties constantly nagging at me. One is the fear of being wrong online (which we discussed on the first episode of the Homeschooled NerdCast) and the other is the feeling of incompetence because of my lack of experience and credentials. I can’t help but feel like every time someone watches one of my videos or reads an article I wrote they’re judging me. Like … Read more

Lunar Design


The moon is our nearest neighbor in space and currently the only object outside of earth that mankind has ever set foot on. Because of its relatively short distance from us, we probably know more about the moon than any other object in the universe. Today evolutionary scientists debate over how the moon formed. Their theories for the moon’s origin have ranged from a random space rock that was captured by Earth’s gravity, to part … Read more

Cosmos’ Mission


“Scientific Ignorance”—those are the words that Neil DeGrasse Tyson uses to describe the belief in God. The new Cosmos show a lot of interest and will probably be shown in many high schools in the future. For some people this is alarming because of the amount of evolutionary content in the series. But for me, it’s a challenge—the darker the world is the brighter lights like Creation Astronomy Now, Creationist Company, the Creation Club, and … Read more

Plants before Stars?

light thru trees

How could the plants have survived until the creation of the Sun? It’s a question that evolutionists have asked creationists for some time. At first this may seem like a good question and put us on the defensive. But what exactly is this question challenging? The issue is really only a problem when you start from a purely naturalistic perspective. In a world where nature is all there is, it would make sense that you’d … Read more

Discovery of the Century may be Wrong!

In March 2014 a team of astrophysicists announced to the world, through a public press release, that they had made the biggest discovery of the 21st century. Using the BICEP2, a telescope located at the South Pole they claimed that they had discovered evidence of the early inflation epoch of the big-bang universe. This was in part identified through what they claimed was the signature of primordial gravitational waves generated by distortions in spacetime during … Read more

Uranus: A Unique Twist


All the planets in our solar system have their unique features. Some of the planets features are plainer like Mercury. Planets like Saturn and Jupiter have more interesting features and are popular telescope targets. While there is a lot of diversity among the planets, they all have one thing in common; they all have the same orbit direction and rotation except for Venus and Uranus. Uranus has the most unique rotation of all. Most of … Read more