CAN-Logo2About Creation Astronomy
Creation Astronomy Now™ is an unregistered nonprofit organization started in 2013 by Vinnie Harned and his younger brother Joe. Despite common practice among other similar organizations, Vinnie prefers not to call Creation Astronomy Now™ a ministry. Instead, we try to bring glory to God through our scientific discoveries and investigations.

CAN’s mission is to spread the truth of God’s design in the universe, as well as giving creation astronomers a better alternative to the evolutionary astronomical news and updates provided by secular groups. Outreach efforts include an up-to-date news site with observing updates, a weekly astronomy podcast.

HSN_vinnie(profile)Vinnie Harned is a teenage homeschooled student with a love for science and technology. Also, he happens to run the YouTube channel; Homeschooled Nerd. He originally started running a personal channel where he did vlogs but after the success of his web series ‘VinSense’ decided to try and make it a full-fledged YouTube channel thus creating the channel Homeschooled Nerd.

He is also an amateur astronomer, creation scientist, and the president of Creation Astronomy Now, an organization dedicated to giving God the glory for his incredible creation. He has always been into science, and first got started in the field of astronomy when he was 10 years old. Vinnie started Creation Astronomy Now in 2013 when he was 15 and runs it with the help of his younger brother Joe.

vlcsnap-2014-10-07-13h28m35s125Before this Vinnie was an aspiring filmmaker but soon left the media in frustration. After leaving the independent Christian film movement scene, Vinnie ventured into 3D animation, website development, and a little coding before finding his true love: making YouTube videos!  The young astronomer currently resides on a small farm in Southern Illinois where he spends most of his spare time creating new videos for his YouTube channel ‘Homeschooled Nerd’ (which is now his main hobby).

Joe_profileJoe Harned is a 15-year-old home school student and Vinnie’s younger brother. He’s interested in Astronomy, paleontology, and Parkour. He helps Vinnie run Creation Astronomy Now and keeps him from losing his friends.

But don’t let his appearance fool you–this is not your average Joe. He generally plays the role as sidekick on Vinnie’s YouTube channel but he’s also been vlcsnap-2015-07-14-15h28m44s750known to make some of his own videos including some stop-motion Lego videos and occasionally he does a show on Homeschooled Nerd on a variety of topics title ‘Joe Does a Thing’. In the future he hopes to go on a Dinosaur hunt, go to the Tempest Freerunning academy, and appear on American Ninja warrior. But we all know none of that will ever happen, don’t we?

Vinnie Harned (Homeschooled Nerd, Creation Astronomy Now) always had a love for science and technology. He first got into Astronomy when he was 10 years started studying it on and off as a hobby ever since. It soon got pushed to the back however, when Vinnie and his brother Luke Harned (Author of Arkoumene) got into film-making. After a while however, they left the medium and moved on to other things.

Vinnie tried Coding, 3D Animation, Music, and web design before finally finding his true love: content creation; in the form of a podcast about astronomy he made for a short period of time. After this Vinnie started writing for a blog he made called ‘The Creation Astronomy News Blog’ where he wrote about latest news in astronomy and the evidence in astronomy for a creator.

It was around this time that Vinnie’s younger brother Joe decided to help Vinnie out and the two started a new podcast ‘The Creation Astronomy News Show’ and later renaming it to ‘The Creation Astronomy Now Podcast’. vlcsnap-2014-10-20-13h19m35s248The duo soon bonded over everything from the podcast to videos to Parkour and the two soon became inseparable. It was through the podcast that Vinnie and Joe were able to meet Jake Doberenz (Creationist Company) and David Rives (David Rives Ministries, the Creation Club).
Around the time the podcast was gaining notice that Vinnie started a new video series on his YouTube channel titled ‘VinSense’. Created in the style of shows like ‘Game Theory’ and CGP Grey; VinSense was made to be (as the subtitle says) “The Two Cents of Vinnie Harned”. After the critical acclaim the first episode ‘The Big Bang vs. Science’ gained, Vinnie created a second episode titled ‘Can Creationists be Scientists?’ which after gaining the notice of Creation Today soon became a huge hit.

majora thumbAfter this Vinnie’s channel began to get some notice so he decided to turn it into a full-blown YouTube channel and renamed it Homeschooled Nerd and after a few months the channel passed up Creation Astronomy Now in popularity. This combined with the fact that the Creation Astronomy Now podcast wasn’t gaining as much publicity as Vinnie wanted resulted in Vinnie and Joe eventually shelving the CAN Podcast for half a year and focus instead on creating videos for Homeschooled Nerd.
After 6 months of inactivity however, Vinnie and Joe decided to return to Creation Astronomy Now, this time with an audio-only podcast and the site would no longer be a main project but rather a side-project of Homeschooled Nerd.

CAN-Podcast_thumbnailVinnie has a lot of visions, but one of those is to eventually make Creation Astronomy Now be a go-to source for enthusiasts wanting to get started in astronomy or parents who want to teach their kids about astronomy.

And that pretty much brings us to the present day. What lies in store for us in the future? Star Parties? A creation astronomy magazine? We don’t really know, but we know there’s only one way to find out!














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