Friends & Partners

Homeschooled Nerd

Homeschooled Nerd is Vinnie's YouTube channel and the home of his ever-popular web series: VinSense. The channel was originally started by Vinnie Harned and is now run by both Vinnie and his brother Joe. Every week they make fun, educational videos with the goal of teaching science, encouraging critical thinking, and using technology to bring glory to God.

Creationist Company

Creationist Company is a nonprofit organization that seeks to engage young people in discussions about the existence of God and the authority of the Bible. Founded by a teenager, Creationist Company provides age-appropriate resources to students on the Bible, scientific creationism, and Christian living.

The Creation Club

The Creation Club was formed by David Rives Ministries to give all of the gifted writers and contributors a place to share their content relating to Biblical Creation. They also feature our podcast and articles.

Arkoumene: One Boy's Adventure

Arkoumene: One Boy's Adventure is a fantasy novel written by Vinnie's brother J. L. Harned. It tells the story of a young boy named Ethan who is transported to another world where a prince has disappeared; the king has been deceived, and enemy soldiers are creeping unnoticed into the country of Ryon, as the lord Sarcad makes his plans to dominate Ryon and the world. Suddenly it is up to Ethan, an ordinary 11-year-old boy from America, to face his fears and let the king know what really happened to the Prince before it's too late!

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