Sky Watch: Transit of Mercury & More (May 2016)


Introducing a new format for the Creation Astronomy Now Podcast: we’re dividing the parts of the Creation Astronomy Now podcast up into multiple episodes so you guys can get only what you want. Be sure to let us know what you think of this format in the comment section below.

What is Astrology? – January 2016


What is Astrology? – January 2016 This month on the Creation Astronomy Now Podcast Vinnie and Joe have a quick episode discussing some of what they’re excited about this coming year and have a discussion we’ve needed to have for a long time: What is Astrology? Plus towards the end Vinnie has an epiphany while sharing some of his biggest insecurities. Have Some Links! Creation Astronomy Volume III: Still Not Famous: Homeschooled Nerd: … Read more

Is there Life on Mars? – December 2015


Is there Life on Mars? Merry Christmas everyone! This month on the Creation Astronomy Now Podcast Vinnie and Joe discuss presents to get your astronomy enthusiast friends, the best telescopes to get for beginners, and the evidence for liquid water on Mars. Later they’re joined by Luke Harned (author of Arkoumene) to discuss modern day slavery. Have Some Links! Orion Telescopes: Celestron FirstScope: Luke’s Website: Got questions about Astronomy and the Bible? … Read more

Is Astronomy a Waste of Money?


This Month on the Creation Astronomy Now Podcast, Vinnie and Joe discuss their recent mission trip to South Dakota, updating the Creation Astronomy Now website, and whether or not Astronomy is a waste of time and money. Later they’re joined by David Rives from David Rives Ministries to discuss astronomy (what else?) and the new Creation Network. Download Podcast Episode (.mp3) Enjoy the Creation Astronomy Now podcast? Be sure to Subscribe on iTunes! Podcast Notes … Read more

What is Science? + Interview with Eric Hovind – September 2015


What is Science? This Month on the Creation Astronomy Now podcast Vinnie & Joe discuss what Science is. They go over the astronomical events for the month of September including a total lunar eclipse on September 28th. Later they’re joined by Eric Hovind from Creation Today to discuss the Genesis 3D movie, the 4th season of the Creation Today show, and apologetics. After that we get a comment suggesting that Vinnie stop making videos about … Read more

Where’s your Credentials?


Ever since I started blogging back in 2009 there’s been two uncertainties constantly nagging at me. One is the fear of being wrong online (which we discussed on the first episode of the Homeschooled NerdCast) and the other is the feeling of incompetence because of my lack of experience and credentials. I can’t help but feel like every time someone watches one of my videos or reads an article I wrote they’re judging me. Like … Read more

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